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Windpark Northsea coast is again cheaper

The construction of the second major wind farm off the coast of Belgium is like the first cheaper than expected.

For the second wind farm Amersen the years to 180 million subsidy will be needed, which was originally estimated 4 billion. That announced minister Ken Hamp (Economic Affairs) on Thuesday.

A consortium of mainly Dutch companies made the winning bid: Shell, Van Oord, Eneco and DGE. The government will provide subsidy only 4.45 cents per kilowatt hour, a new record.

The contract for the first wind farm was previously dragged this year by King Energy at a price of 5.27 cents per kWh. That was already a record.

Total should eventually rise five wind farms at sea, which will generate 800 megawatts each. This can be provided with a total of five million households. All five parks must be in operation in 2022.


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